They are youthful, cute, sexy making every face considerably more attractive. In some cultures dimples are a sign of good luck and prosperity. Let’s face it people with dimples are in the eyes of many thought to be more attractive, fun, youthful and mischievous. How can anyone resist those delightful indentations of gorgeousness. Dimples look irresistible on both men or women, young or old.

What are dimples?
Dimples are small folds or indentations within the fleshy part of the cheek or any other area. Normally a genetically inherited feature this adorable and beautiful formation can be successfully mimicked through other methods ranging from surgery and piercing on the more drastic end of the scale to simple make up techniques. However at Dimple maker.com we have achieved a far better result without using any of the painful and costly methods that are associated with the fore mentioned. To achieve the incredibly sort after and attractive look at a very low cost.

What do I need to do?
By simply purchasing a Dimple maker for introductory price of £3.49 plus p+p and following the simple steps and guide line that we send to you you may be just weeks away from owning a set of irresistible dimples yourself. Due to the design of dimple maker it is fully portable and can be worn on the wrist.

How long will it take and is it hard?
It’s easy…. By wearing our unique and patented dimple make for a minimum of 30 minutes spread out throughout the day for a several weeks depending on the wearer and following the simple steps within the pack you maybe a few exciting weeks away from flashing your own irresistible set of dimples.

Does it take the same time for everyone?
Results do vary, after all we are all different, some wearers see results very quickly within days where as others require a little more work and time, however for those who don’t put the time in and the very unlucky ones a result may not be so fast reaching.

When is it best to wear my dimple make?
It is of course personal choice, although we recommend wearing it for 30 minutes spread out throughout the day maybe while watching television, reading a book or even doing the house work. Most of our wears wear them before bed and as well in the morning.

Will it hurt?
We say no, not at all, although everyone’s pain threshold is different, although we wouldn’t advise it to be worn consistently.
It is common place for the site to be slightly red for a very short time, however this soon disappears.

About dimple band?
After years of research and testing we have finally come up with correct materials and strength to ensure just the right pressure is applied to the cheeks to achieve the desired effect.